Windows not only bring an aesthetic appeal to your home but also facilitate other essential benefits. They are designed to illuminate the indoors with the natural light and provide you a pleasing view of your neighborhood. You can improve your home’s overall décor and exterior curb appeal by simply replacing your old windows with new ones. However, how do we figure out when it’s the right time to replace the windows? Below are 5 things to look out for.

Damaged or Broken Windows

One of the most obvious signs to look for when deciding if it is time to replace your windows is if they are damaged or completely broken. As time passes, everything gets ruined, and windows are no exception. If you are facing any issues while opening/closing your windows or if they are losing their function and efficiency, it is time to get new windows for your home or business. In the case the windows are older than 7-8 years, it is possible that they have fallen prey to temperature changes and moisture. Swollen up or rusted windows become inoperable, and the locking mechanisms cannot be trusted.

Feels Drafty

According to Experts, 10 to 25 percent of your home’s heat can outflow via your windows, making your home cooler. Stand close to your window and check if you feel colder compared to the rest of your interior, if you do, then it is time to consider replacing your windows. Top quality windows are designed to provide you higher energy efficiency by keeping the weather out.

Outside Noise

Windows can eliminate much outside noise if they are made of high-quality materials. You can judge the sound blocking capability of a window by its sound transmission class (STC) rating. A single pane has an STC rating between 26-28 while a double pane window has a rating between 26-32. If you are fed up with loud noises in your area, get a soundproof window that has a rating between 48-54 blocking around 95% of outside sounds.

Aesthetic Appeal

Our home or business should reflect our style both from the interior and exterior. Windows are one of the most prominent factors of exterior décor and are highly noticeable. If you have an older structure, the chances are that the windows have visible damage like chippings and corrosion of the frame or glass. You can remodel all the windows to modern looking windows which accentuate the overall look and adhere to the color scheme of both the exterior & interior.

Too Hot

If your home or business feels like an oven in the summers when the windows are shut, it may be time to get new windows. Older windows are unable to block the summer heat and lack proper insulation. According to, you can save up to 12% on your electricity bills by installing Energy Star certified windows and patio doors. These windows can help block some of the summer heat and keeping the indoors cooler saving you air conditioning costs. Choose a window style that opens like horizontal sliders and single or double-hung windows as they greatly help in ventilation.

Hard to Clean

Cleaning windows is rarely on our To-do list, but we recommend that you clean your windows at least once every six months. Now, if your windows are more than 7-10 years old, they may have some stains which will be hard to clean and sometimes impossible. Get newer replacement windows such as double-hung windows that can be quickly dropped down for cleaning.

If you know it’s time to replace your windows, give American Windows of DFW a call. Our experts would be happy to install your windows.